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Moulding the All Rounder Employee

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Covid-19 has got everyone pushing their limits. With all stuck at home, not only have we seen an army of home bakers emerge but also employees juggling multiple roles beyond their job description. While working from home has been a breeze for certain employees with a very less amount of work, for some it has been a nightmare working around the clock.

Wonder why? I mean, after all you are still working for the same employer right? But what one need to see is the employer’s point of view. Employers are facing massive challenges to bring in the revenue into their organisation. From recurring earnings to new accounts cash flows have been hit badly leading to a massive economic crisis. So one of the most commonly seen approach to handle the survival of the organisation has been layoffs, which mean the remaining employees need to handle roles they weren’t initially responsible for. Some organisations see job rotations as the solution. But one thing for sure, all organisations are fighting for every opportunity that comes their way. We even have seen companies change their business models, from hospitality to grocery delivery. This in return, requires employees to also work towards the organisations contingency plan in order to get their salary into their pockets.

While it can take the maximum out of the employees and can be extremely frustrating with difficulties to manage a work-life balance, it is at this point the guilt factor creeps in. Employees need to understand that organisations are struggling and it is at this point that you need to give your fullest support to the organisation that helps you earn a living. You need to make this work hook or by crook.

Saying that it does not make sense to throw your employees in the deep end by giving them work that they have no experience or knowledge in doing. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide them some sort of training that could help them in the new challenges they need to face. After all, this not only helps your employees but also helps your organisation to achieve better results. Employees get a training that can help them in their career and employers get a better output which makes it a win-win situation for all.

But unlike the traditional ways of conducting training, the prevailing pandemic has changed the way things happen. With multiple online training, webinars and courses made available employees have multiple ways to access the knowledge they require, but with working from home and organisations not working according to their usual pattern, how does HR manage these training and development activities effectively?

The PeoplesHR Training and Development module aims to structure the procedures surrounding the many phases of training and development from the starting point of identifying training needs up to the end point of evaluating program conducted. Each and every phase gets automated with the use of the system enabling users of different work categories to request, identify and apply for required training programs. Supervisors can nominate employees to training and once complete evaluate the effectiveness of the programs conducted. Organise programs with ease to fulfill performance improvements, aid in professional development, and succession planning or train employees covering specific topics as required.

How does this help the overall business?

  • Increase job satisfaction among employees.
  • Motivate employees to broaden knowledge on work areas.
  • Quick access to all available and relevant training programs.
  • Structure the processes surrounding the training and development phases.
  • Avoid missed opportunities due to negligence.
  • Identify, apply and evaluate training programs conducted.

And how does that happen?

  • Capture training needs from employees and supervisors.
  • Validate and refine training needs through a need converter.
  • Define, plan, budget and schedule training programs.
  • Monitor attendance on programs conducted.
  • Link with performance management module to track employee performance post-training.
  • Use closure steps to perform post-training evaluations.
  • Gain in-depth reports and insight on all training activities.
  • Administrative users can schedule course and subject wise training.
  • Administrative users can decide on the best suited applicant for the training by selecting from the received list of applications.
  • Maintain a waiting list where the applicants can apply for the waiting list once the capacity of a program is fully occupied.
  • Repeating option provide the ability to reschedule a training program for multiple days (Scheduling can be done on a daily, monthly, weekly or yearly basis).
  • Control dashboard view provided for the Training and Development administrative users where he/she can monitor training and development activities via the dashboard easily.
  • View scheduled training through a calendar view option where applications for the required training can be carried out using the same.
  • Edit, view, reschedule or postpone training.
  • Conduct all those core operational activities around training programs, from enrolment, participation confirmations on behalf of the applicant, attendance and number of pending evaluations.
  • Know how effective your evaluations are with a quick overview.
  • View the trainer rankings against every training program conducted.

So are you turning your employees to ‘All Rounder Employees’? If so, do it the effective way. Download the datasheet now.