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Upskill Recruitment with Psychometric, Behavioral, and Skill Assessments.

Introducing a comprehensive recruitment platform that streamlines the hiring process from start to finish. Our platform provides a range of essential features to simplify and enhance your recruitment efforts in attracting top talent.
Raise requisitions and advertise job postings through our customizable job portal.
Efficient longlisting and shortlisting functionality for effective candidate screening
Online and offline interview scheduling tool for efficient coordination.
Customizable assessment questionnaire and interview task checklist
Advanced psychometric assessments to identify behavioral traits, personality, interests, and work styles.
Over 150 job role-based and 500 subject-based skills assessments.
Streamlined job offer sending process with personalized offer letters.

Simplify documentation with PeoplesHR DMS.

Keep track of your documents in a virtual environment, that allows you to create and provide authorization to files and folders to suit your requirements. You can always change the permission settings if you change your mind. Not just that, DMS helps you to keep track of the version too.
Have all your documents whether created by you or shared with you under a single view with Share Point
Centralized repository that maintains documents based on organizational structure
provides powerful search capabilities that allow users to quickly find the documents they need.
Files that are moved from the Share – Point will be shown in the under Achieves with limited functionality.

Single sign-on with Azure AD and Windows AD

Data Synchronization
The integration enables seamless synchronization of eHRM profiles between PeoplesHR and Azure AD, ensuring that employee data is consistently updated across both systems.
New Account Creation
With this integration, PeoplesHR can create new AD accounts directly in Azure AD, simplifying the onboarding process for new employees and reducing manual administrative tasks.
Account Modification
Changes made to employee profiles in PeoplesHR can be automatically reflected in Azure AD, allowing efficient updates to personal details, job roles, and access permissions.
Account Deactivation
The integration provides the capability to deactivate AD accounts when needed, ensuring that former employees no longer have access to resources integrated with Azure AD, thereby enhancing security.
Streamlined User Management
By leveraging this integration, organizations can streamline their user management processes, reduce administrative workload, and enhance security by ensuring that only authorized users have access to specific resources integrated with Azure AD.

The instance at which EIM profiles are created a Windows service will trigger Azure AD for profile creation and updates real-time.

Convenience with PeoplesHR Meal Management Solution.

This solution is created to assist in managing the activities of a cafeteria or canteen. Manage food ordering, inventory, and payment processing under a single platform whether you are a college, institution, or workplace. You can also tailor base orders depending on dietary needs or preferences.
  • Manage users
  • Define categories
  • Add and edit food items and prices
  • Archival of data
  • Enable pre-bookings
  • Place and cancel orders
  • View, approve or cancel orders
  • View pending orders
  • Check employee-wise utilization history
  • View pending orders
  • Meal order summary 

PeoplesHR Training & Development with E-learning solutions.

PeoplesHR Training & Development with E-learning Solutions

Streamline and enhance corporate training with our all-in-one training and development solution. Empower Training Managers to efficiently oversee training activities through a comprehensive platform supported by a dynamic Learning Management System (LMS), simplifying training processes, fostering interactivity, and ensuring engagement

Capture and validate training needs from employees and supervisors
Convert identified needs and organize training programs.
Monitor attendance and evaluate effectiveness.
Link with the performance management module to track employee performance.
Generate in-depth reports and insights on all training activities
Content creation and access to third-party content authoring tools.
Performance metrics and reporting tools to gauge course popularity, completion rates, and individual learner performance.
User-friendly interface to make navigation easy for learners.
White-label your learning solution to give your employees a personalized learning experience unique to your brand.
Notifications and broadcasts on progress, achievements, and comments.
Video conferencing to connect trainers and learners through live sessions, providing learners with a face-to-face learning experience beyond the training room.

Access employee experience with PeoplesHR Survey Tool.

Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from employees could not get easier. The Survey tool helps to gather information from a diverse audience, giving you the chance to understand attitudes, opinions, preferences, and behaviours. With the help of the survey tool, Admins and supervisors can customize questionnaires and analyze data in real-time.
Customize your survey to be visually appealing with themes, logos and branding
Create your surveys according to your need with multiple choice, open-ended, ranking and Likert scale questions
Create conditional questions or skip logic, ensuring that respondents only see questions that are relevant to them
Manage user access according to the survey requirement
Analyze the results and effectiveness of your survey with detailed reports and analytics

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