Two Ways in which HR can support Men’s Mental Health at Work

Two Ways in which HR can support Men's Mental Health at Work

Mental health affects us all. It’s easy to assume that the issue only arises in those who are diagnosable. But mental health issues can affect anyone and can be triggered by anything. For some men, a trigger may be work-related. A stressful meeting with a colleague, a difficult encounter with your superior, or an unexpected change in your job role can leave you feeling stressed or depressed at work – as well as at home. 

Traditionally, mental health used to be a topic that was not openly discussed, but today companies are taking small steps to address it for their employees more proactively than ever before. What can companies do to ensure good mental well-being for their employees, especially for men?   

This blog post offers two ways in which HR can help. 

Break the Stigma 

Stigma is a barrier for men seeking help and being open about their mental health. Stigma can make them feel like they’re not normal. It can also prevent them from getting the help they need because they don’t want to be judged by others who might have preconceived notions about what it means to be “a man.” A stigma-free environment is important for both men and women. 

HR can create awareness within the company by simply talking about it to break the stigma. The more it’s spoken of, the more it will be normalized. Organize learning sessions/ webinars by experts on topics such as stress management techniques. Encourage your male employees to schedule therapy sessions by integrating solutions like oDoc available on PeoplesHR Marketplace . It is an app that lets them consult specialists in minutes online. 

Encourage your employees to talk about mental health during meetings and to provide feedback to HR or team leaders on ways in which they can improve collective mental health. This can result in a more inclusive company culture in which your team members are more comfortable discussing their mental health challenges and what has helped them overcome. 

Mental Health & Physical Exercise Go Hand in Hand 

As well as being an important factor in physical health, exercise is a great way to help with mental health for anyone. It boosts energy levels and makes employees feel more relaxed and positive about themselves. There are lots of ways to do exercise that can benefit your mental wellbeing: walking or running outside; playing sports like football or basketball with colleagues; going for a swim at the local leisure centre; taking up boxing classes – there are so many options out there! 

It’s not always easy to find the motivation to exercise when you are not in the best of spirits but having the support of a workout buddy has been proven to provide an incentive to get involved. HR can partner up with health & fitness experts to provide employees with fitness programs that they can all participate in together. This sense of togetherness will not just make exercise a fun affair but will contribute to a positive change in mental health. 

At PeoplesHR Marketplace, we have extended solutions made available, one of which is which is Sri Lanka’s most comprehensive health and fitness platform that aims to inspire people in their health journey, especially geared towards empowering corporate staff engaged in sedentary occupations. 

If you’ve read this blog this far, chances are that you care deeply about the well-being of your employees. This is a daunting task, especially when many employees may be suffering in silence. But this journey starts with one person willing to talk about it. As we see more and more men like Prince Harry and Shawn Mendes encouraging society to talk about mental health issues without shame or fear, the day is not far away when we will be able to break this stigma. In the corporate world, of course, HR needs to recognize this if we want to adapt to modern and inclusive work culture. They will need to play an active role by bringing solutions or partners on board, increasing awareness, and reducing the stigma around these issues by making them part of our everyday conversations. 


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