The New PeoplesHR Way

We have shifted from being a classic to a modernist, embracing innovation and technology to streamline HR processes and adapt to the demands of today's business world.

Our Vision

Empowering People, Simplifying HR

Our Mission

To revolutionize the HR industry by providing intuitive, user-friendly software that enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their people.

Brand Archetype

This archetype helps position PeoplesHR as a trusted advisor, a source of wisdom, and a guide in the complex landscape of HR management.

We are the Sage

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At PeoplesHR, we're embracing a new era, dedicated to redefining HR solutions with modern innovation and a dynamic mindset. Our goal is to empower businesses and individuals alike, guiding them through HR management. We value your trust and partnership as we transform HR into a versatile force, combining analytics for extraordinary results.

Sampath Jayasundara

Chief Executive Officer

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The People's Icon

The figure of the human icon stands as a testament to our belief: people are the guiding light and true essence of our brand.

The design of the two quadrants mimics the appearance of pie charts, a deliberate choice that directly correlates with our software solutions featuring analytics. This design element serves as a visual cue, highlighting our expertise in data-driven insights.

The segments that shape the letter “P” symbolize the harmony of our technological ecosystem. Together, they unite to deliver exceptional results for our clients, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation.

Voice of PeoplesHR

With 114,030 days of experience, we know "HR Technology" can be daunting. At PeoplesHR, we're the friendly, experienced business partner you've always wanted. We prioritize clarity, expertise and transparency to replace confusion with confidence.

Educate with Authority

Position PeoplesHR as a trusted HR Tech expert using well-researched insights.

Infuse Energy and Enthusiasm

Use upbeat language to showcase the brand’s vibrant spirit.

Be Authentic and Transparent

Maintain honesty in messaging, highlighting real impacts and stories.

Our Core Values


People First

We prioritize the wellbeing and growth of our employees, clients and their teams.

Customer Centric

We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value and service to our clients.

Innovative Collaboration

We foster a culture of creative teamwork, where innovation thrives, and collaboration is key.

Continuous Learning

Like a Sage, PeoplesHR values continuous learning and adapts to evolving HR trends and practices.

Brand Colours

The primary colour palette comprises of the main colours of the logo, supported by Dark Navy and White. The PeopleStrong Blue represents the energy and confidence of the brand.


Brand fonts

Our primary font is Museo Sans which is a blend of modernity and versatility.

Raleway serves as our go to alternative when our primary font is unavailable.

Empowering People, Simplifying HR

Our Vision

To revolutionize the HR industry by providing intuitive, user-friendly software that enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their people.

Delivering innovative HR solutions with a people-first approach.

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