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Create the 5-star HR experience

Understanding that the hospitality industry lies in great service, PeoplesHR goes above and beyond to ensure that your employees receive a 5-star HR experience.

While you provide a memorable experience for your customers, PeoplesHR takes care of your employees.

1. Employee Onboarding and Recruitment

In a volatile and time sensitive industry, manual handling of paper work, resumes, and scheduling interviews can create bottlenecks and delays.

However, with PeoplesHR:

Reduce time-to-hire by 35%: Automate and streamline the recruitment process, including application screening, interview scheduling, and applicant tracking, resulting in quicker candidate selection and reduced time-to-hire.
Improve candidate experience: HCM-enabled online application portals and automated communication systems improve the candidate experience, providing timely updates and feedback, enhancing the company’s employer brand.
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2. Time and Attendance Tracking

A common pain point for HR in hospitality is tracking time and attendance for a diverse workforce spread across various shifts and departments. Manual timekeeping methods often results in errors, buddy punching, and time theft.

However, with PeoplesHR:

Reduce payroll errors by 50%: Automation of time and attendance tracking significantly reduce human errors in data entry and calculation, resulting in accurate payroll processing and reduced costs associated with corrections.
Decrease absenteeism by 15%: With automated time tracking systems and integrated leave management modules, along with predictive analytics gives better visibility into attendance patterns, allowing supervisors to address attendance issues promptly, leading to decreased absenteeism.

3. Training & Development:

Employee training and development play a crucial role in ensuring high-quality service in the hospitality industry. The manual tracking of training programs and employee certifications can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

However, with PeoplesHR:

Increase training program participation by 40%: Streamline the process of scheduling and managing training programs, making it easier for employees to access and enroll in relevant courses, resulting in increased employee engagement and participation.
Automated training reminders: Automation of Training and Development activities assists timely renewal reminders, preventing employees from working with expired certifications. This led to improved compliance with industry standards and regulations.
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4. Performance Management:

A robust performance management system provides employees with meaningful feedback and facilitates career growth.

With PeoplesHR:

Improve performance appraisal completion rates by 30%: PeoplesHR streamlines the performance appraisal process, including goal setting, self-assessment, and manager feedback, resulting in increased completion rates and timely performance evaluations.
Enhance goal alignment and transparency: The performance management module allows employees and managers to align individual goals with organizational objectives, track progress, and provide real-time feedback. This transparency improves overall performance and employee engagement.

5. Employee Self-Service

Empower employees with self-service capabilities to access their personal information, view pay stubs, request time off, and update contact details.

With PeoplesHR:

Reduce HR administrative tasks by 25%: Employee self-service features PeoplesHR allows employees to handle routine HR tasks independently, reducing the administrative burden on HR personnel.
Enhanced employee satisfaction: The PeoplesHR happiness indicator for employees, facilitates employees to express their feelings and emotions throughout their work hours ensuring greater employee satisfaction and appreciation.
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Creating an employee-centric experience

85% time reduction in attendance data upload, report processing, invalid attendance & absence follow-ups, unauthorized OT approval follow-ups, no-pay processing, and leave chit processing.
80% reduction in payroll costs with RPA
73% improvement in overall payroll productivity including attendance data verification, manual preparation of earnings & deductions, payroll processing, validations & reconciliation, and reporting.
51% overall efficiency in employee data management & reporting.

An HCM solution to support your entire organization

Core HR to aimed at centralised data and reporting

A holistic HCM Solution with centralised data architecture supporting 3rd part integrations along with on-demand reporting tools.
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Operational HR to support your HR Heroes

Define overtime and shift templates dynamically with auto overtime hours calculation and approval workflow.
Auto calculations for overtime, working hours for hourly payment, and productive hours based on paid or unpaid breaks, making payroll a breeze.
Statutory compliant payroll with multi-currency capabilities, automation of complex overtime quotas & structures.
Automated rewards & recognition, meal management along with benefits management.
Predict your turnover, absenteeism & attendance with the PeoplesHR predictive analytics with easy-to-understand dashboards & reporting.
Digitised HR with unified HRIS and a single viewpoint for all your information.
Manage complete employee lifecycle from recruitment to off-boarding.
Manage your talent with comprehensive & different goal frameworks for white-collared and blue-collared employees.
Skill matrix for identifying the right people for the right roles and building their career trajectories.
Bulk transaction capabilities.
Position management with automated approval workflows.
Complete automation of the entire employee lifecycle.
Contextualised performance management.
Continuous feedback to ensure timely course correction.
Career planning and succession planning to enable visibility of growth plan and development for employees.

Strategic HR to enable Data-Driven-Decision-Making

Strategic HR to enable informative decision making

Analyse operational patterns and management insights with ad-hoc reporting and enterprise dashboards.
Develop your own dashboards catering to your requirements using interactive analytics.
Insightful dashboards for better decision-making.
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Simplified Employee Engagement

Mobile App and Kiosk are available in over 15 languages to support your employee experience and easy access to the system at anytime, anywhere.
Instant SMS notifications.
Employee Happiness Indicator for employees to express their feelings and emotions throughout their work hours.
Our AI-powered chatbot provides employees with answers to all their HR related questions and even conducts simple actions on their behalf.

PeoplesHR system capabilities

Experienced integration with core banking systems.
High system security standards & banking security compliance.
Manage your sales crew with simplified performance management and monthly measurable target settings.
Reaching all engagement avenues (Desktop, Mobile and Kiosk).
Localisation and language support.
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