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A reliable HCM for Banking, Finance & Insurance Sectors

PeoplesHR has pioneered capabilities in automating Human Capital Experience in the Banking, Finance & Insurance sectors with over 25 years of experience. Our name is trusted by globally recognized institutions across the APAC & African regions.

Amidst the multiple HR challenges faced by Banking & Financial Institutions, Talent Acquisition & Management and Data Management & Compliance are predominant challenges that take centre stage according to PeoplesHR clients.

Here are some of our tailored features to address these industry pain points, providing quantitative & qualitative results.


Talent Acquisition & Management

Recruitment & Onboarding
Upskilling & Reskilling
Workforce Planning
Retention & Transfers
Recruitment and Onboarding modules offer integrated functions that take the candidate through all recruitment related functions such as long listing, short listing, examination, interview and job offering up to onboarding while enabling HR officers to handle various onboarding activities which require special attention.
The Promotion Module offers the ability to post promotion-related internal vacancies where the internal employees can submit applications based on eligibility. This is followed by aptitude tests, evaluations, and interviews until the selection of the candidate for the post.
The Transfer Module offers the ability to collect transfer requests directly from the employee or from the HR team. With in-built enable supervisorsIn-built capabilities enable supervisors and related parties to add comments, giving employees the platform to raise related grievances and notifications to notify relevant parties along with multiple related functionalities.
Provident Fund Modules offer functionalities such as integrating the Provident Fund process with the payroll module to add Provident Fund amounts to the running fund balances, interest calculations annually or monthly, and the ability to process withdrawal requests from the employees.

Data Management & Compliance

Data Security
Consolidation of Banks
Multiple systems including stand-alone isolated solutions
Institutional and industrial policies
Statutory and regulatory compliance
The PeoplesHR Solution is a holistic HR solution with a centralized architecture, supporting third party integrations.
Experienced integrations with core banking systems.
PeoplesHR is certified with globally recognised accreditations guaranteeing data management & security: ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 .
PeoplesHR is known for adhering to statutory and industrial regulations along with catering to institutional policies.

These are just a very few of the simple ways we can help you ease the HR strains in your industry, connect with us and we are more than happy to help you out in your unique pain points and bottlenecks.

We let you focus on the outcome while we automate the processes

85% time reduction in attendance data upload, report processing, invalid attendance & absence follow-ups, unauthorized OT approval follow-ups, no-pay processing, and leave chit processing.
80% reduction in payroll costs with RPA.
73% improvement in overall payroll productivity including attendance data verification, manual preparation of earnings & deductions, payroll processing, validations & reconciliation, and reporting.
51% overall efficiency in employee data management & reporting.

An HCM solution to support your entire organization

Core HR to aimed at centralised data and reporting

A holistic HCM Solution with centralised data architecture supporting 3rd part integrations along with on-demand reporting tools.
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Operational HR to support your HR Heroes

Define overtime and shift templates dynamically with auto overtime hours calculation and approval workflow.
Auto calculations for overtime, working hours for hourly payment, and productive hours based on paid or unpaid breaks, making payroll a breeze.
Statutory compliant payroll with multi-currency capabilities, automation of complex overtime quotas & structures.
Automated rewards & recognition, meal management along with benefits management.
Predict your turnover, absenteeism & attendance with the PeoplesHR predictive analytics with easy-to-understand dashboards & reporting.
Digitised HR with unified HRIS and a single viewpoint for all your information.
Manage complete employee lifecycle from recruitment to off-boarding.
Manage your talent with comprehensive & different goal frameworks for white-collared and blue-collared employees.
Skill matrix for identifying the right people for the right roles and building their career trajectories.
Bulk transaction capabilities.
Position management with automated approval workflows.
Complete automation of the entire employee lifecycle.
Contextualised performance management.
Continuous feedback to ensure timely course correction.
Career planning and succession planning to enable visibility of growth plan and development for employees.

Strategic HR to enable Data-Driven-Decision-Making

Strategic HR to enable informative decision making

Analyse operational patterns and management insights with ad-hoc reporting and enterprise dashboards.
Develop your own dashboards catering to your requirements using interactive analytics.
Insightful dashboards for better decision-making
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Simplified Employee Engagement

Mobile App and Kiosk are available in over 15 languages to support your employee experience and easy access to the system at anytime, anywhere.
Instant SMS notifications.
Employee Happiness Indicator for employees to express their feelings and emotions throughout their work hours.
Our AI-powered chatbot provides employees with answers to all their HR related questions and even conducts simple actions on their behalf.

PeoplesHR system capabilities

Experienced integration with core banking systems.
High system security standards & banking security compliance.
Manage your sales crew with simplified performance management and monthly measurable target settings.
Reaching all engagement avenues (Desktop, Mobile and Kiosk).
Localisation and language support.

HR journeys of our valued clients

Chief Human Resource Officer, LOLC Holdings PLC.

“LOLC being one of the largest conglomerates in Sri Lanka,requires multiple HR solutions across different sectors and industries. At LOLC we centrally handle all HR functions. Hence having a single HRIS platform to cater to all these versatile needs is indeed a challenge. PeoplesHR has catered to most of these requirements of our group and I'm happy with their service. One of the biggest testimonies is that we have already rolled out their HR system in Sierra Leone and Cambodia where the LOLC Group has a strong presence, respectively in Agro and Financial Service sectors. Their agility to provide customised solutions together with innovation has compelled us to continue with them as our HR system service provider, in our journey towards innovation.”

Pradeep Uluwaduge
Chief Human Resource Officer, LOLC Holdings PLC.
Head - Human Resources,  Maldives Islamic Bank PLC

"PeoplesHR HRIS Solution was successfully deployed at the Maldives Islamic Bank in 2017. From the time of implementation to date, we have received excellent support from the PeoplesHR team. We highly recommend PeoplesHR for computerised HR Solutions"

Abdullah Mamdhooh,
Head - Human Resources, Maldives Islamic Bank PLC
Manager IT/HR  Habib Bank Limited.

"PeoplesHR successfully deployed and supported the HRIS solution at HBL Maldives. PeoplesHR sent us a team that was highly skilled & professional in managing the project. It was really important to us that their positive attitude, corporation and continuous support was provided wherever it is required to our team. We highly recommend PeoplesHR for computerised HR Solutions."

Suraj Kumar,
Manager IT/HR Habib Bank Limited.
Head of Human Resources - Meghna Bank Ltd

We are very satisfied and happy to have found PeoplesHR as our trusted HR digital transformation partner. From the inception, we have been given excellent support continuously until the completion of the project. The team has been responsive whenever called upon. We highly recommend PeoplesHR if you’re looking for an HR Solution to streamline all your HR processes.

Rashedul Alam
Head of Human Resources - Meghna Bank Ltd