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PeoplesHR transforms the Human Capital of the Government of Uganda, from Recruitment to Retirement.

With PeoplesHR, the Government of Uganda (GoU) paves its way towards vision 2040. A Government-wide interoperable, scalable Human Capital Management System that facilitates provision of accurate and timely Human Resource Information for strategic decision making.

Why PeoplesHR?

Seamless integrations with 3rd Party systems.
Enhanced agility & response time with a cross-government digital foundation for policy implementation.
Talent Management with potential resource identification & allocation.
Decentralization of authority with improved monitoring and control.
Elimination of duplication and improve responsiveness of workflows with a unified database.
Better implementation and monitoring of organization objectives in public service with comprehensive performance management.
Embedded, actionable and real-time with enhanced HR analytics.
Commissioner HRMS : Ministry of Public Service

"As the Government of Uganda, we are happy with the progress of the ongoing project of the Integrated Human Capital Management being implemented by the Joint Venture of Sybyl Uganda, Sybyl Kenya, and hSenid as our HR solutions provider. It has marked the initiation of our HR transformation journey within the whole Government of Uganda. With the project proceeding successfully, we look forward to fully automating the Human Resource Capital Management system in the Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments by October 2021."

Mr. Allan Muhereza
Commissioner HRMS : Ministry of Public Service
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