PeoplesHR Unifies Traditional Filipino HR Practices with Global Innovations

PeoplesHR Unifies Traditional Filipino HR Practices with Global Innovations

PeoplesHR is pleased to present its state-of-the-art Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in the Philippines, crafted to harmonize traditional Filipino HR practices with leading global technologies. This strategic rollout is set to transform workforce management in the country by merging local HR methodologies with sophisticated tools for recruitment, payroll, performance management, and more.

PeoplesHR introduces a comprehensive suite of HR management tools enhanced by real-time analytics and an intuitive mobile application. Key features include automated payroll systems, mobile attendance tracking, and extensive talent management capabilities. This platform not only complies with Philippine statutory requirements but also offers deep customization to align with the specific needs of Filipino enterprises.

Localization and Adaptations to the Country’s Generic Practices
PeoplesHR is finely tuned to the nuances of Filipino HR practices, featuring extensive localization and customization options. The system is fully compliant with the laws and regulations of the Philippines, ensuring reliability for local users. The multilingual mobile app further supports the diverse linguistic needs of the Philippine workforce.
Advanced Features for Comprehensive Management:

PeoplesHR streamlines foundational HCM processes such as employee lifecycle management and organizational structuring through its Core HR capabilities. Operational efficiency and compliance are enhanced with tools for managing absences, attendance, and timesheets, while automated solutions for loan, benefits, and meal management boost employee satisfaction.

The Talent Management suite elevates organizational talent from recruitment to offboarding, complemented by predictive analytics that improve decision-making and workforce engagement.

Mobile-First Innovation:
The PeoplesHR Mobile App modernizes the way employees interact with HR functionalities. With features like geo-tagged attendance tracking and mobile access to payslips and leave balances, the app caters to the dynamic needs of today’s businesses and their mobile-savvy employees.

PeoplesHR is dedicated to bridging traditional Filipino HR practices with innovative global standards. Serving over 1,000,000 users across 40 countries, including 1600+ clients in more than 20 industries, PeoplesHR is poised to be your trusted HR management partner in the Philippines. By automating processes and focusing on outcomes, we not only respect local traditions but also enhance them with the best global practices.


PeoplesHR is one of the most trusted names in the HR Tech industry in Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle Eastern regions, capturing all HR needs with HCM solutions along with an HR ecosystem.

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