4 People Lessons from the Game of the Year- FIFA World Cup ‘22

4 People Lessons from the Game of the Year- FIFA World Cup ‘22

Argentina lift the 2022 FIFA World Cup trophy. (Photo by Pablo Morano/BSR Agency/Getty Images). Credit: BSR Agency/Getty Images

The FIFA World Cup Final featured the best of football, some of the greatest moments in history, and unquestionably portrayed human relationships at their best. In a game that is full of AI-driven analytics and tech elements in 2022, the best of it is still human brilliance and people talent. Some of the moments that took place in the finals can be applied as lessons at the workplace to foster a better culture, nurture better teams, and build solid leaders.

PeoplesHR identifies a few moments that can be converted into people lessons for the workplace.

Team responsibility triumphs glory of a super star

Everyone we knew was rooting for Messi this time, hoping and wishing that he could recreate Maradona’s magical final 36 years later. The support was astounding, but France competed strongly, making it a tie where the champions were decided by the penalty kick. At a point like this, the A game of the team is what takes you to the winning goal. Argentina made no mistakes in scoring the goals, and the sheer brilliance of the entire team made them champions.

Recognizing outstanding upcoming talent despite failures

This world cup was Messi’s glorious sunset, and it was definitely Mbappe’s glorious sunrise. Having scored a hat trick against the world champions, getting the team back to compete takes a lot of resilience, exceptional talent, and training. Not letting the victory overshadow the sheer brilliance he brought into the game is important, as is appreciating and guiding new talent that can create magic.

Empathetic leadership, and sportsmanship go a long way.

Leadership comes in different forms, and how leaders react during vulnerable moments and crises brings out their true leadership styles. The French president demonstrated humility in consoling the young superstar Mbappe following the final match. Messi walks to his opponent and embraces him, showing true sportsmanship and a leadership quality that many youngsters would want to have and should have.

Beauty of diversity to stand together in losses and to celebrate victory

The FIFA World Cup also serves as a celebration of diversity. Each team is unique, and each team includes members from various backgrounds. France, for example, has players of white, black, Christian, Muslim, and Arab origins, with the majority of them migrants or descendants of migrants. Despite their differences, they played as a cohesive one and gave one of the most memorable performances. Every organization will have a diverse set of employees – everyone will have different experiences, needs, opinions, and skills. Giving people a sense of belonging is critical for corporate growth and success.

These FIFA learnings and lessons can help to broaden one’s professional horizons in a more human way. Melding more aspects of humanity onto the leadership front is the way to go for the new year. What’s more, agility and the ability to learn from every scenario can turn any person into a lifelong learner.

Vichalya Wijesuriya
Vichalya Wijesuriya
Head of Marketing & Communications

About the Author : Heading the marketing team for hSenidBiz and PeoplesHR, Vichalya focuses on creating compelling marketing experiences with the product, people, and brand together. Being involved in the HR Tech industry & having gained over 8 years of domain experience, she closely monitors HR trends and patterns in the ever changing corporate world. Vichalya joined hSenid in 2013, bringing with her a decade of marketing and leadership experience. Head of Marketing & Communications

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