Barbie Meets HR

Barbie Meets HR

I just watched the new Barbie movie and it’s no joke! The campy buzz had me raising an eyebrow, but the relentless marketing reeled me in like a Barbie charm bracelet. And guess what? Two hours later, I was in the theater, laughing, crying, and proudly rocking my pink outfit alongside fellow Barbie enthusiasts!

This movie left me feeling empowered and inspired. Without giving too much away, here are some serious HR takeaways we can’t ignore.

1. Empowering Women in the Workplace

From astronaut to computer engineer, entrepreneur to president, Barbie fearlessly embraces various roles, shattering gender norms and proving that women can thrive in any profession they choose. In the movie, Barbie reinforces the idea that you can still be anything you want to be. “Barbie is a doctor, and a lawyer, and so much more than that,” she tells Gloria and Sasha. “Basically, everything that men do in your world, women do in Barbieland.”

Her character stands as a powerful symbol of empowering women to pursue leadership positions and unconventional career paths, regardless of societal expectations. As HR professionals, we can draw a valuable lesson from Barbie’s story. We must actively support and nurture women who aspire to climb the career ladder or pave their unique way within our industry.

Fostering a culture that celebrates individuality and ambition will not only benefit women but also enrich our entire organization. By breaking down barriers and providing equal opportunities, HR can create a workplace where everyone can achieve their fullest potential, just like Barbie.

2. Mentorship & Attitude Towards Change

Barbie has been an active advocate for mentorship and empowerment, encouraging young girls to believe in their abilities and envision themselves as leaders through the help of the many dolls they have.

There’s a lesson in mentorship here for HR, as the film’s narrative will explore two important characters, Weird Barbie and Gloria who empower others to overcome challenges and lead with conviction, providing valuable insights on leadership and personal growth.

In her distinct style of leadership, “Weird Barbie” shows all the other Barbies the importance of clear and inclusive communication when navigating through times of change. She patiently explains the potential outcomes of implementing the changes, promoting a comprehensive understanding and consensus among all Barbies and humans involved. By positively acknowledging successful change management, she effectively motivates and encourages all the Barbies to actively participate.

A culture with mentors, and change champions is one that Barbie would surely approve of.

3. Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity

Barbie’s strides toward inclusivity and diversity are nothing less than revolutionary. Through her diverse range of dolls over the years that represented various cultures, body types, and abilities, Barbie champions the acceptance of individuality and diversity. In addition to that, the movie features multiple variations of Barbie and Ken, and it screams diversity and inclusivity!

This dedication to inclusivity perfectly complements HR principles, which prioritize cultivating an inclusive and welcoming workplace. Barbie’s leading the way in teaching us the power of embracing uniqueness and diversity, both in the movie and in the professional world!

She’s not just a fashion icon; she’s a DEI icon!

Dinali Upeka
Dinali Upeka

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