Say hello to your new HR assistant, ChatGPT. Tried & tested proof for 5 HR tasks.

Say hello to your new HR assistant, ChatGPT. Tried & tested proof for 5 HR tasks.

ChatGPT & Bard rivalry has officially begun, and we wonder how it can benefit HR. Will it take over HR functionality and day-to-day tasks? Will it eat into HR operation jobs? The answer is No & No. ChatGPT cannot replace HR, at best it can only support HR it. Why? Because HR or People & Culture teams breathe the company culture & ethos, bring in inclusivity & diversity and the list can continue. Humans are best to deal with humans, to understand humans and the environment as well as the work pressure that humans go through daily. However, we humans in HR need to up our game to get help from AI. We need to know how and when to use it. Can ChatGPT or Bard play an HR assistant role? Definitely. Here are a few ways to use open API to assist HR functions.
1. Doing Job Descriptions & Letters I asked ChatGPT, “can you give me a job description (JD) for a senior software engineer (.NET)?” ChatGPT answered with a complete JD allowing me to creatively write my company description.

While I find it basic and to the point, there is still a bit of work for HR to do by bringing in the company brand tone and voice to this. The official letters should follow a certain company style, and while AI can help out with a basic skeleton the rest have to be created by the team.

2. Drafting Policies, procedures & benefits I asked ChatGPT, “We are a medium-sized global tech company, can you draft a dress code policy for me?”

ChatGPT answered with a basic guideline for a dress-code policy. It suggested business casual which didn’t really suit our corporate culture as our company follows a “tech casual” dress code, which goes with our culture and engagement. Hence to sum up, getting a draft accurately done with global best practices will work as long as there will be someone to edit, modify and make it specific.

3. Creating HR documents such as offer letters, employee handbooks & performance appraisal templates I asked CharGPT, “Can you draft a performance appraisal template for a sales team?”
ChatGPT gave me a template with standard performance objectives that suits a senior sales team which was pretty impressive. It gives basic guides and areas in the content structure where we have to edit accordingly. It gives a solid structure to kickstart your HR documents.
4. Ideas for Employee Engagement, I asked ChatGPT to suggest some employee engagement ideas for a software team, and he was on a roll.
He gave me ideas touching all areas such as wellness, flexibility, social events, career growth, development and many more. Furthermore, ChatGPT suggested we have a “happy hour”, looks like we both think alike, I’m definitely suggesting this to our HR team.
5. Support for Employee Recognition programs such as Award Certificates , I asked ChatGPT to give me an award certificate and a letter for employees completing 3 years in the company.

ChatGPT gave me the nicest content for a certificate and a decent skeleton for a letter. However again, this must align with company goals and vision to be made into an elaborate letter of recognition, but it’s a quick start for the day.

Assistants are great, but only if you know how to get them to assist you. If you don’t know what you want done, then having an assistant will only add to your chaos. The same applies to ChatGPT. A superb assistant for HR tasks only if you use it right. It cannot at any point replace the role of an HR person in an organization but can assist to make their day more efficient and productive.

Lastly, I asked ChatGPT “can you write a poem about how great HR is”

Answer by ChatGPT, my assistant, my poet:

HR, the heart of the company

A team of experts,

always on standby

Their role, unique and noble

Ensuring the workplace is stable

They support and guide, with care

For all employees, they’re always there

Listening to concerns, and finding a solution

With kindness and empathy, they bring resolution

They handle the tough, and manage the complex

With professionalism, they always reflect

They create a culture, where everyone thrives

And make sure each employee feels alive

From recruitment, to benefits and more

They do it all, and so much more

HR, the unsung heroes of the day

Without them, the company couldn’t play

So here’s to HR, the backbone of the crew

We thank you for all that you do!

Vichalya Wijesuriya
Vichalya Wijesuriya
Head of Marketing & Communications

About the Author : Heading the marketing team for hSenidBiz and PeoplesHR, Vichalya focuses on creating compelling marketing experiences with the product, people, and brand together. Being involved in the HR Tech industry & having gained over 8 years of domain experience, she closely monitors HR trends and patterns in the ever changing corporate world. Vichalya joined hSenid in 2013, bringing with her a decade of marketing and leadership experience. Head of Marketing & Communications

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