Need real proof that your employees are happy?

Need real proof that your employees are happy?

The corporate world is flooded with theories and saying about employees.Some say that happy employees result in great customer satisfaction while some consider the greatest asset of any organisation to be it’s employees.

In a world of constant uncertainty and obstacles surrounding a person’s daily work-life, how do you know if your employees are REALLY happy? How many times have you assumed an employee is extremely happy and satisfied doing his job, but ends up not showing results or even resigns the organisation?

In most cases, happiness is measured as a gut feeling but in a world of masked individuals (literally) and virtual workspaces, how does one really figure out the reality behind the fake smile.

We rate the satisfaction behind multiple experiences, whether it is food, transportation, or hospitality. Name it, we rate it! So why not get employees to rate their happiness at your workplace, to evaluate the employee happiness level with actual stats and create analytics out of it rather than just a gut feeling.

The Happiness Indicator in PeoplesHR does just that. The concept behind this feature is similar to the satisfaction ranking that can be done after obtaining a service. The Happiness Indicator gives employees to do something similar. Employees are able to provide their satisfaction towards their work simply by selecting the relevant mood emoji. This provides organisations to capture happiness and measure happiness and also make decisions based on employee satisfaction which is a rare occurrence.

This happiness indicator opens doors to a variety of analytics and insights. Happiness levels can always differ during an employees shift. This can be due to stress, fatigue or time of the day. This information is now readily made available in the system. Another example is that newcomers are always excited and happy to join, but the level of engagement and enthusiasm gradually reduces with time. The Happiness Indicator now enables this information to be generated through data enabling employers to analyse the situation better. As a result of this analysis various aspects can be brought to light. Whether the problem is due to a particular supervisor or the group of peers associated with or the organisational culture.Therefore HR can look into how best they could provide a good working environment for their employees.

Happiness is also paired with other parameters, such as employee performance, their Bradford factors, work hours, the service period, the number of subordinates they manage any many more in order to have a drilled down analysis of employee happiness. Which in turn would be a critical point for the retention of employees.

Combined indicators such as the top performers, employee talent and their potential along with the predictive models indicating leaving probability shows whether the organisation is going to face a problem if a high performer wants to leave. As a result the insights derived from the Happiness Indicator can be used to resolve the problem. Hence it can be stated that it takes a series of dimensions and provides recommendations on what is to be done.

The PeoplesHR Happiness Indicator is available on the PeoplesHR Mobile App for anyone with access to a smartphone. But it’s not limited to a smart device, the Kiosk application comes in handy to those who have no access to a smart device or a pc. The PeoplesHR Mobile App and Kiosk are completely identical in order to provide the same level or experience and engagement to all employees despite their occupational level. The kiosk is available as a windows app and a web browser and is localised for upto 16+ languages, breaking language barriers too.

In short, we give your organisation to know what every single employee feels. Whether they work in a production plant, at the head office, customer site or even at home the opinion of every employee matters to us.

In case you are interested in getting to know if your employees are truly happy, connect with us and we are happy to guide you.

Thuraiyah Mohideen
Thuraiyah Mohideen
Assistant Manager - Marketing

About the Author : Since 2017, I have researched and written extensively on culture and best practices in the HR industry. Being surrounded by talented HR experts who share their experiences and insights at PeoplesHR, I am keen to help HR professionals learn more about the HR industry, find answers to their questions, and discover practical solutions to the challenges they face every day. Assistant Manager - Marketing

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